Adult Learn to Ride (ALR)

ALR-June 2013

photo: Mihai Peteu

This practical hands-on learn to ride class for adults age 18 and up is taught by certified bicycle instructors who will get you rolling in no time.

Students choose from two tracks, the Beginners track is intended for people who never learned to ride, or for those who need a refresher on the basics of balancing and pedaling. Beginners do not need any previous riding experience, only a willingness to learn and the physical ability to control a two wheeled bicycle.  For people who can already balance and pedal a bicycle we offer Beyond the Basics. This track refines your basic skills with steering and turning drills before going for a short ride on the beach bike path to test your riding ability.

A bicycle and helmet can be provided for a $10 fee upon request.

Topics covered include:

  • mounting a bike 
  • starting and stopping
  • balancing, pedaling and steering  
  • and more!

Adult Learn To Ride classes are made possible with support from the following: