Education Programs

Sustainable Streets Bike Education Programs

Our mission is to help build healthy communities by encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to engage in active transportation for daily trips. Education plays a key role in achieving this mission and the programs we offer are designed to motivate more people to choose sustainable, active transportation to reach any destination.  

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Our bike education courses are taught by League of American Bicyclists certified League Cycling Instructors.  The curriculum is designed and delivered by bicycling experts who not only teach the basic fundamentals, but also have a wealth of personal knowledge to share on all aspects of bicycling for transportation, work, fitness and fun.  Whether you are an experienced commuter, an avid club rider, or have not ridden a bike in years, the courses we offer will help you increase your knowledge, skill and confidence when riding a bike in the Los Angeles area. Please click on a link below to learn more about individual programs.

Raising Smart Cyclists (RSM) (for kids up to age 10 and their parents)

Confident City Cycling (CCC) (6-hour comprehensive class for ages 16 and up)

Adult Learn To Ride (ALR) (appropriate for people age 18 and up who want to learn how to ride a bicycle, 1.5 hour practical bike skills training)

Ready to Ride (RtR) (3-hour intermediate course for ALR graduates and for people who know how to ride but are unsure about riding in traffic)

Bicycle Maintenance (3-part wrenching series on basic bicycle maintenance taught in 2-hour sessions by certified mechanics)


Sustainable Streets is the bike education partner of Bike & Park, operator of the Santa Monica Bike Center