Commuter Bike Loaner Program

It’s time to bike commute!  The Santa Monica Bike Center’s new commuter bike loaner program initiated in August 2012 provides anyone working near  downtown Santa Monica with all of the necessities to taste commuting by bike.  Participants who enroll in the free 2-week trial program are provided with a fully equipped Trek SoHo commuter bike including: a rear rack, fenders, panniers, lights, U-lock, and an optional child seat if needed.  In addition, participants get free access to the Santa Monica Bike Center’s parking, showers and lockers during the trial period.  The Bike Center will provide route planning and tips for making a smooth transition to commuting by bike.  And there’s more! Participants who commute to work by bike at least three days each week during the trial period are eligible for a discount on the purchase of a new bike at Helen’s Cycles in Santa Monica, plus the Bike Center will throw in a 3-month membership free of charge.  What are you waiting for? Contact the Bike Center now to reserve a bike for a two-week trial, if you already ride to work, tell your friends and co-workers about the program to help them get started.

The goal of the program is to get at least 100 participants in a twelve month period.  Overall, the Bike Center hopes to get more people out of their cars and on bikes.   In fact, whatever your objection to biking is, the Bike Center will help provide an answer.  They will even provide a “bike buddy” to help participants plan their route, and ride in their first time.  The commuter bike loaner program is a great way to try bike commuting without the upfront financial commitment.

The first participants have all had unique and positive experiences with the program.  Shane, who works with the city, biked a total of 39 miles during his two-week trial! He biked nearly every day and saw immediate benefits; “I noticed that I arrived places with a better attitude, more relaxed, and with a pep in my step.”  Not sitting in traffic, and getting a brief burst of cardio, left Shane feeling awake and refreshed. Since completing the program mid-August he is looking for a new bike so he can start biking to the office at least a few days a week.  His experience also affected a coworker who has started biking several times a week all the way from Redondo Beach to Santa Monica!

Another participant, Teri, clocked in 64 miles during her two-week trial even  though she has not ridden a bike in 35 years!  She used the bike to and from work, to run errands, and for pleasure. “I especially enjoyed riding on the beach bike path which was a new experience for me.”  She is definitely going to be biking from now on.  “I would highly recommend the program and thank Ron Durgin of the Bike Center for bringing this innovative program to Santa Monica.”

Whether you commute one mile or seven, the Bike Center can help you discover the joys of riding a bike to work and for other purposes. For questions, or to apply, contact Ron Durgin, GM SM Bike Center, 310-656-8500

Not sure about riding a bike in the street with other traffic? Consider attending one of our bike education classes to sharpen your skills and refresh your knowledge about traffic rules. Find a list of upcoming classes and dates in the Community Events section.

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