Confident City Cycling (CCC)

Many people are intimidated and discouraged by the way motorists dominate the roadway. Through education and practice, Confident City Cycling builds your personal confidence for riding a bicycle on city streets. 

  • Understand your rights and duties as a driver operating a bicycle safely and legally on public roadways 
  • Develop the ability to identify unsafe traffic situations and make decisions that can prevent crashes and collisions  
  • Learn how to perform pre-ride bike safety check

The course includes a student manual, review of state and local laws, on-bike skill development, and additional tools to help you become a more confident and smart cyclist.

photo: BerettaRosePhotography

photo: BerettaRosePhotography

A bike in good working condition with at least one functioning brake and a CPSC certified bicycle helmet are required to participate in this course. Confident City Cycling is an adult level class for people age 16 and up. Class size is limited to 12 participants to ensure adequate one-on-one instruction. 

Please register below to reserve your spot in an upcoming class, for classes marked (FULL) on our sidebar calendar, please contact Tracey Booth at to join the wait list.

Confident City Cycling is made possible with support from the following: