Board of Directors


Ron Durgin (President)

Mr. Durgin earned a Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) from Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona Sweden in 2005. Since returning to Los Angeles he has been a strong advocate for sustainable transportation options, such as biking and walking. Ron believes education is a key to empowerment and transformation, as such the bike education programs at Sustainable Streets will serve as a catalyst for motivating people to embrace active transportation as a viable solution for daily trips. 

In addition, Ron is a League of American Bicyclists certified League Cycling Instructor and he is certified as an Employee Transportation Coordinator by the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

Mr. Durgin serves as the President of Sustainable Streets and oversees board governance. He develops and delivers active transportation education programs for all audiences; assists with fundraising, grant writing and community outreach; and he evaluates and assesses bicycle use in the Los Angeles area for the purpose of developing and implementing new active transportation education and encouragement programs. Aside from his duties at Sustainable Streets, Ron is the General Manager of the Santa Monica Bike Center, the nations largest bicycle commuter center.

Stephen Box

Stephen is a writer, producer, community organizer, public speaker, moderator, and branding guru. He currently writes for CityWatchLA, LAist, and the Transit Coalition on alternative transportation, grass roots politics and bicycle activism. He also works with Neighborhood Councils and Central Business Organizations throughout Los Angeles on communication and outreach endeavors, funding, advocacy, board retreats and campaign workshops. Mr. Box serves on Caltrans District 7 Bicycle Advisory Committee; he is the co-founder of the Bike Writers Collective; he is the co-author of the Cyclist’s Bill of Rights; and he is a League of American Bicyclists certified League Cycling Instructor.

Stephen assists Sustainable Streets with marketing of existing programs and the development of new programs and initiatives.

William McCarthy, Ph.D.

Dr. McCarthy is an Adjunct Professor of Health Services, UCLA School of Public Health and an Adjunct Professor of Psychology, UCLA Department of Psychology. He has over 20 years experience in the public health sector, including developing and implementing national campaigns encouraging a tobacco free lifestyle. Dr. McCarthy has considerable nonprofit experience as a former board member and officer of the American Cancer Society.

Mr. McCarthy provides board governance guidance and contributes his knowledge and experience to the organization in developing effective communication strategies about the health benefits associated with active transportation.


Donald Strauss

Donald is the Founding Chair and Core Faculty of Antioch University Los Angeles’ M.A. in Urban Sustainability.  After several years teaching Academic and Creative Writing, Donald Strauss entered the PhD Program in Environmental Studies at Antioch University New England. The general focus of his doctoral work is on the narratives of individuals and groups in urban communities and their relationships to the natural, social and political ecosystems with which they interact.  In his current research, he is examining the phenomenon of urban alternative bike culture in Los Angeles as an emergent property of an urban ecosystem. He is a former Member of the Board of Directors and regular volunteer at Bikerowave, a D-I-Y bike repair co-op located in West LA’s Mar Vista neighborhood. Donald is also a League of American Bicyclists certified League Cycling Instructor.

Mr. Strauss provides board governance, fund raising and guidance on Sustainable Streets education programs.