Bike Maintenance

Sign up for one or all of our bicycle maintenance sessions held at the Santa Monica Bike Center, 1555 2nd Street, Unit A, Santa Monica, CA 90401 (corner of Colorado & 2nd St).

Beginners and DIY enthusiasts alike will learn  a range of skills from our experienced mechanics.  Participants can expect to take away a broad understanding of bicycles and learn how to adjust components for optimum performance.  Bike Maintenance classes are free of charge for SM Bike Center Members; $10 fee for non-Members.

Bike maintenance session descriptions:

  • Session 1: Bike 101 Basics for Beginners
    Learn to identify bike parts and tools, diagnose common problems and understand what to know before buying a bike. The class also covers how to change tires and fix flats.
  • Session 2: Brakes
    Brakes, brakes and more brakes.  Learn to install, adjust and tighten brake cables and how to diagnose and fix rubbing brake pads.

  • Session 3: Gears
    Gears, gears and more gears.  Learn to install, adjust and tighten shifter cables and how to diagnose common shifter problems, adjust cable tension and align derailleurs. 

  • Session 4: Wheels and Spokes                                                                           (offered 4 times per year in February, April, September & November)
    This session covers bicycle parts you probably know: tires, tubes, rims, spokes, and hubs. You will practice getting wheels off a bike, true a wheel (vertical and horizontal leaps), learn about proper spoke size and  tension, and replace broken spokes.

  • Session 5: Cups, Cones and Bearings                                                              (offered 4 times per year in February, April, September & November)
    Learn how to diagnose when cup and cone bottom brackets, hubs and headsets are out of adjustment, and how to overhaul and rebuild these components.